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Our Menu

Our best main dishes
La Mar
A bit of Mexico in every bite

Our Menu

Our best main dishes
Buen Sabor
The original mexican taste food
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Vallarta Shrimp Tostadas

Fresh shrimp with pico de gallo, spices and flavor-

enhancing infusions, topped with creamy avocado

slices and our sensational Chimichile sauce.

The Sea-Beach-eh! (Ceviche)

Fish from BC waters, marinated in lime juice and

mixed with spices from the Mexican cuisine, and

accompanied with tortilla chips. Simple and


La Mar (The Sea) Taco

Our signature land & sea taco. Grilled Sirloin

marinated with spices combined with garlic-olive

infused shrimp. Brought together in soft corn tortilla

Fish Taco

Fish, beer-based batter, green and purple cabbage

finely sliced, pico de gallo and our signature

Chimichile sauce.

Chicken Itzá Taco 

Chicken marinated in Axiote (authentic Pre-

Columbian Mexican cuisine!) and served in soft corn

tortilla, garnished with cured purple onion.  Goes

well with habanero sauce!